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Baume Scaphander ®

Baume Scaphander

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Our toll manufacturing services

Design of your products :

Design of your products :

Cosmetics and supplements have nowadays a prominent place in the beauty and well-being worldwide market, and the "made in France" are the most prized.

It is to satisfy our customers that we intially chose to master formulation of new products and developed reconized know-how.

Customization of your products :

Customization of your products :

As we do for Laboratoire CEVRAI brand supplements, we are committed to satisfy as much as possible your demands in terms of ingredients, colours, textures, fragrances.

The same is applicable to conditioning since we pay great attention to packaging, container and estheticism.

Manufacturing of your products :

Manufacturing of your products :

With an analytical monitoring and conditioning methods, our different production sites provide our clients with very high quality products.

Registration and branding :

Registration and branding :

in addition to a technical support on the formulation of your futur products, we also offer a support in terms of product registration in any country in the world.

If you have no brand available, we can also let you use one of our many brands:
Sylvia, Physioform Nature, Cevia, B&Well, Scaphander, Tigror ...