Our raw materials

The Favorite Ingredients

The Ginseng (PANAX CA MEYER) :

  • Organic* White Ginseng Roots(2MPGINBLRABIO)
  • Organic* Red Ginseng Roots (2MPGINBIO)
  • Fresh Organic* Ginseng Roots – Under vacuum (2MPGINRAFBIO)
  • Organic* White Ginseng Mixed-tails (2MPGINBIOBLRAD)
  • Organic* Red Ginseng Mixed-tails (2MPGINBIORAD)
  • Dry extract of Organic Ginseng Roots (2MPGINESBIO)
  • Pasty Extract of Ginseng PANAX CA MEYER 22% (2MPGINPAT)
  • Leaves Extract of Conventional Ginseng 80% in Ginsenoside (2MPGINEX80)
  • Leaves Extract of Conventional Ginseng 10% in Ginsenoside (2MPGINEX10)
  • Organic* White Ginseng Powder (2MPGINBLPOBIO | 2MPGINPBLBIOCEV)
  • Organic* Red Ginseng Powder (2MPGROPOBIO1 | 2MPGROPOBIOV)

The Royal Jelly :

  • Organic* Royal Jelly Defreeze in bulk (2MPGRFBIO)
  • Conventional Royale Jelly Defreeze in bulk (2MPGRFV)
  • Organic* Royal Jelly Lyophilized in bulk (2MPGRLYOBIOV)
  • Conventional Royal Jelly Lyophilized in Bulk (2MPGRLYOV)

The Propolis :

  • Dry Extract of Pure Organic* Propolis (2MPPROPBIO)
  • Dry Extract of Pure Conventional Propolis (2MPPROP)
  • Dry Extract of Conventional Propolis Powder 60% (2MPPROP60B)
  • Dry Extract of Organic* Propolis 16% (2MPESP16BIO)
  • Dry Extract of Organic* Propolis 30% (2MPESP30BIO)
  • Pasty Extract of Organic* Propolis 70% (2MPEPP70BIO)
  • Preparation of Propolis in Liquid (2MPPROPEALP2)
  • Scrub Raw Propolis France Origin (2MPPROPGRFR)
  • Proplis® Resin from Vegetal Origin (2MPPROPLIS)

The Honney :

  • Organic* Honey Multi Floral in Jar of 25Kg or 290Kg (2MPMITFBIO25 | 2MPMITFBIO)
  • Conventional Honey Multi Floral Diverse Origin in Jar of 25Kg or 290Kg (2MPMITF25 | 2MPMITF)
  • Atomized Honey on Maltodextrine Carrier in Bulk of 25 Kg (_2MPMIEL)
  • Acacia Honey from Hungary (2MPMIAC)

The Pollen :

  • Organic* Pollen (2MPPOLBIO)
  • Multi Floral Pollen in Bulk of 20 Kg (2MPPOLT)
  • Natural Pollen from Spain in Bulk (2MPPOLN)
The Range EssAngel® CEVRAI

Huiles essentiels en poudre :

  • Essangel® Rébaudioside A – 1.5% (2MPESREBAU)
  • Essangel® Rébaudioside A – 1.5% 300 microns (2MPESREBAU300)
  • Essangel® Mint Spearmint (2MPESMS)
  • Essangel® Pepper mint (2MPESMP)
  • Essangel® Ginger (2MPESG)
  • Essangel® Grapefruit (2MPESPAM1)
  • Essangel® Eucalyptus (2MPESE)
  • Essangel® Verbena Officinal (2MPESVER)
  • Essangel® Woodland Pine (2MPESPS)
  • Essangel® Badian HE 10% (2MPESBAD)
  • Essangel® Turmeric (2MPESCU)
  • Essangel® Thyme (2MPEST)
  • Essangel® Extract of Propolis (2MPESPRO)
  • Essangel® Organic* Extract of Propolis (2MPESPROPBIO)
  • Essangel® Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurentium) (2MPESORA1)
  • Essangel® Citrus Reticula Blanco (2MPESMAND)

Mélanges :

  • Essangel® Artrimil (2MPESART)
  • Essangel® Zen in Bulk (2MPESZEN1)
The Others Ingredients

Powder :

  • Organic* Acerola 17% in Vitamin C (2MPACEBIO)
  • Organic* Maca (_2MPMACA)
  • Rebaudioside A 97% – Extract of Stevia Rebaudiana (2MPREBAU)
  • Steviol Glycoside 95% – Extract of Stevia Rebaudiana (2MPREBAU95)
  • Proteins of Alimentary Collagen (2MPGELA)
  • Protein of Alimentary Marine Collagen (_2MPCOMARIN)
  • Vitamin K2 Mk7 0.2% (_2MPVITK2)
  • CoEnzyme Q10 (_2MPQ10)
  • Slim Formula® (_2MPFMPD)
  • L-Glutamine FCC (2MPGLUTAMINE)
  • Pro Aroma-Bee (2MPPROARO)
  • Provita-Max (2MPPROVIT)
  • Reishi Lingshi (2MPREISHI)
  • Polypeptide Cervi Cornu (2MPCCPD)**
  • Marin Magnesium 50% (2MPMAG50)
  • Mediteranean salt (NaCl) (2MPSEL)

Comprimé :

  • Organic* Spirulina 500mg (_2CSPIBIO)
  • Conventional Spirulina 500mg (_2CSPI)

Liquid :

  • Organic Propolis Spray (_2PFSPPROPBIO)
  • Multivitamin, Minerals and oligoelements syrup (2MPRAVITA)
  • Physio Drainer Slim 1000L (_2MPDEP3)
  • Physio Drain Slim Pineapple 1000L (_2MPDEPAN)
  • Physio Drain Slim Tea Peach (_2MPDEPTPECHE)
  • Bee Venom
The CEVRAI’s Amenties

Powder :

  • Maltodextrine (2MPMALTO)
  • Erythritol (_2MPERY)
  • Inulin Chicory Roots Extract (2MPINULINE)

Tablet :

  • Erythritol (_2MPERYGR)

NLP logo

Certificat NLP Nature Life Protect - Laboratoire CEVRAI

Laboratoire Cevrai offers to its clients the possibility to use the logo NLP (Nature Life Protect) on their packaging.
This logo is for the buyer as for the consumer the evidence of good quality. It indicates that the products are made up with organic ingredients which the production chain respects environmental and human ethics.


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